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1.    What’s pixel pitch, pixel density and pixel configuration ?
Pixel Pitch is the distance between neighboring led pixels.
Pixel Density is the quantity of LED pixels per square meter.
Pixel Configuration is the deion of the consistence of a pixel, for example, we use 1 red lamp, green lamp, 1 blue lamp to compose a pixel, the pixel configuration is 1R1G1B ?
2.    What’s the differences of DIP and SMD ?
DIP LED modules are through the DIP(Dual In-line Package) technology, after soldering the LED lamps feet to stable it on the PCB board, so it names of LED DIP modules, mainly used for outdoor.
Advantage: high brightness, high waterproof level IP65 and good at heat dissipation (can working very well even under strong sunny and heavy rainy, snowy etc harsh environment).
Disadvantage: pixels are dense, (large pitch between the smallest brighting dots)
SMD LED Module also named SMT(surface mounted technology), through the SMT technology encapsulating diode, soldering the lamp on the PCB board surface, should not plug the lamp feet to the PCB board, so it names SMD led module, mainly used for indoor.
Advantage: good flatness, wide viewing angle, good color consistency, good at display video and pictures,(small pitch between the smallest brighting dots)
Disadvantage: low brightness, not good for lamp heat dissipation.
3.    What’s IP65 ?
IP means Ingress Protection, it’s a European rating that describes the degree of protection provided by an enclosure of electrical equipment. The rating system consists of the letters IP followed by two numbers:
The first number “I” indicates the degree of protection against solid foreign object ingress.
The second number “P” indicates the degree of protection against liquid ingress.
According to this system an IP65 enclosure will now allow the ingress of dust and is proected against jets of water any direction. IP65 enclosures are ideal therefore for use in wet and wash-down environments for example food preparation areas.
4.    What’s the general ratio of width and height for the LED Display ?
Message and texts led display: depending on what do you want to show ?
Pictures and video led display: normally it’s 4:3 or near this ratio. Ideal ratio is 16:9.
5.    How to choose the suitable LED Display ?
We are must consider the following factors before help customer choose the suitable led display:
1)    Where do you plan to install the LED Display ?
2)    What content need to be shown ?
3)    What’s the installation height the ground to the LED Display ?
4)    What size (width x height) of the LED Display do you want to do ?
5)    What’s your budget ?
6.    What’s the LED Display lifespan ? How to prolong the LED Display lifespan.
Generally speaking, the lifespan of LED Display is 100,000Hours under the ideal condition.
Actually the lifespan of LED Display is mainly depending on the operating frequency and maintenance. In order to prolong the LED Display lifespan, please notice the following:
1)    Switch on: turn on the computer first, then turn on the LED Display
Switch off: turn off the LED Display first, then turn off the computer.
2)    Make sure the power supply and voltage stable and with good grounding protection, it"s better to turn off the LED Display under strong thunder and lightning harsh environment.
3)    Suggest let the outdoor led display turn off and have a rest for 2 hours per day. During the rainy season, must let the led display working at least once a week or more. Generally must open the led display at least once per month and let the led display working more than 2 hours.
4)    Check and clean the LED Display regularly to avoid water, iron powder any other easy electric conductive metal objects into the led display and influence the led display.
5)    Regularly check the computer viruses and the irrelative data, master on parameters ting, original data recovery and backup. Familiar with the program, operation and editing. Software backup: Win 2003, Win XP, application program, software installation program, database, etc. Suggest to use “One-key Re” software, easy to operate, non-professional person, don’t use the software system.