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3G P5 Taxi Roof/Top Video LED Sign

Outdoor Taxi Roof Video Led Display is a new type of electronic media advertising with elegant and attractive appearance, mainly installed on taxis, buses and other vehicles as a terminal carrier, the purpose is to form a new generation of networked, intelligent, digital outdoor media. This media is an integration of outdoor, electronics, mobile and Wi-Fi etc.
  • Features:

    Visibility in all conditions

    Larger viewing angle Horizontal 120 degree, vertical 120 degree. Original and vivid display effect will be seen in this scope with color excursion free and image distortion free.4000cd/㎡ brightness can be installed in different environment. Energy-saving and Environmental friendly design.

    Aluminum alloy casing with ultra thin

    Outdoor Taxi Roof Video Led Display with ultra thin and light design, made of aluminum alloy casing to reduce the weight of the display and the space, thereby it greatly decreased the weight-bearing. In addition, the full metal jacket design can effectively prevent the display splash screens, shaking screen phenomenon.What is more , its electromagnetic shielding is also perfect!

    Well Designed Cooling System

    Outdoor taxi roof video led full color display has special cooling system design.The air goes inside from the heading direction and soon form the air flow inside the display as below illustration shows and two fans at the back-end of the display will pull the air which will make the equipment work more reliable in high temperature and high humidity environments.

    IP 65 design & Long Lasting Display double sides

    Outdoor Taxi Roof Video Led Display With IP65 Waterproof rate, :rain-proof、lightning protection、shockproof,Module design,Easy installation and maintenance, It Can work under the complex outdoor environment.

    Powerful control software Led Editor

    Outdoor Taxi Roof Video LED full color display had a powerful and Wie .User- friendly software interface, user were able to enter into the WEB version, upload and update the contents,and it would also check the statement of the contents and playing under the Functions of  Async system Control.

    Vivid illustrations, rich contents

    Supports kinds of information including  flash, picture,video and text, in the meantime to meet the demand of commercial advertising communication, display forecasting, early warning, headline news message which is vitally related to city life, thus enhances the audience's dependence on the media,and keep the media vitality.

    3G High Speed data Transferring

    Outdoor taxi roof video led full color display has amazing data transferring speed. For expample a 100 MB Video File only needs 2 minutes to upload to the screen.

    A variety of connection mode

    outdoor Taxi Roof Video LED Fullcolor display had various data communication transferring , such as 3G,WIFI,TCP/IP etc. the message data can be updated without time and the area limited!