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How to Know the Quality of LED Display?

Now more and more people realize that LED displays are useful in marketing their business. Choosing high quality LED display is also an important issue for most buyers.
1. Led display flatness: The surface flatness of LED Display should be within ±1mm, to ensure the display image is not distorted, partial convex or concave will cause the LED Display viewing angle appears dead corner. The LED Display flatness is mainly decided by the manufacture technology.
2. Led display"s brightness and viewing angle: indoor full color LED display"s brightness usually is more than 1000cd/m2, outdoor led display"s brightness usually is more than 2000cd/m2, then can ensure the LED Display working normally, otherwise if the brightness is too low will cause the LED Display image can not be seen clearly. The LED Display brightness is mainly depending on the LED Chip quality.
The size of the Viewing angle directly determined how many viewers can see the LED Display clearly, therefore the bigger the size of the viewing angle the better. And the LED encapsulation directly influence the size of the viewing angle.
3. Led display white balance effect: white balance effect is one of the most important indicators of LED display. In color science, when the proportion of three primary colors red, green and blue is 1:4.6:0.16, then can show the pure white, if there is a little deviation of the actual proportion will cause the white balance deviation, generally should pay attention to the white color whether there is slant white, slant yellow-green phenomenon. The quality of the white balance is mainly determined by the LED display control system, the LED Chip quality also influence the color reducibility
4. Led displays color reduction: Led display color reduction is refers to the Led displays to the color reduction, the color of the LED Display shows must be highly consistency with the color source, so as to ensure realistic images.
5. Led displays whether the Mosaic: Mosaic is the phenomenon of the always on or always black a small square boxes on the LED Display. That’s LED module necrosis, the main reason is quality of the flat cable connectors are not good.
Dead pixels is the always on or always off appear on a unit pixel point, the quantity of the dead pixels is mainly depending on the LED chip quality.
6. Whether exist color piece: It’s refers to there is obvious color differences between the adjacent LED modules, the color transition is the module as a unit, the color piece difference phenomenon is caused by the poor quality Led display control system , the lower gray scale and lower scanning frequency.