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Bright & Glamorous Outdoor LED Display

We all will agree that Marketing & promotional activities are absolutely necessary to boost sales. Innovative techniques expand business by grasping customers" attention to the products and services. Today without effective advertising and promotional activities, businesses do not stand a chance to succeed.

Outdoor LED Display serves the innate purpose of delivering correct and valuable information to the targeted clientele, with minimal efforts in a cost-efficient way. What differentiates outdoor LED displays other mediums is its vitality & brightness. It is rapidly gaining popularity in retail space, public transport sphere, hospitals, banks and educational institutions along with its popular applications in events and advertising.
Outdoor LED Display                                         
An LED display is a module based solution that utilizes an array of light-emitting diodes as a video display. LED displays are available for indoor as well as outdoor applications. Generally outdoor displays are used as store signs, billboards, and display on facades or in big premises such as stadiums or convention halls. They are widely used in transportation sector now on platforms and even in trains or buses.  

It is a fascinating and sophisticated medium of gaining public attention towards a specific product, brand, service or a company through right content which ultimately stays on top of the mind & improve sales.

Pixel Pitch can be defined as the distance between centre of an LED cluster (or pixel) to the next LED cluster/pixel, measured primarily in millimetres. The ranges Pixel Pitch for indoor display and outdoor display varies based on its applications and conditions of use.

For outdoor display typical pixel pitch is around 10 mm to 34 mm or above. Pixel Pitch affects or influences distance resolution and suitable viewing distance.  The lower the pixels pitch; the greater is the resolution. In comparison to the indoor display the outdoor display costs less, because the latter display has a larger pixel pitch, which means having lesser LED clusters in the display of same size.

The outdoor LED Display features waterproof exhibit, tolerance to severe weather conditions, low-maintenance needs, and an array of several sizes and different shapes. They are popular for their delicate balance of sharper images, brightness and contrast ratio, which help them gain attention larger groups of audiences. They have the ability to play numerous content formats as per the requirements and choices of the businesses or institutions to attract viewers.

One can avail the outdoor LED Display in many shapes, such as cylinder, curve, oval, sphere, cube and pyramid which helps users exercise their own choice.

Unlike other displays, LED outdoor displays are generally controlled through software which gives it an edge in terms of flexibility, innovation & uniqueness.

The Outdoor LED Display helps to gain attention of a wider spectrum of audiences due to its sheer size, enhanced views, attractive colours and regular s of announcements or information. It assists in improved and successful advertising and marketing in retail sector, commercial building facades, at Metro or train stations, airports, hospitals, and other public buildings, where visibility has to be maximum for reaching out to a vast audience. Static advertising on the other hand cannot be successful in such a scenario. Outdoor LED displays are an efficient promotional tool with fewer expenses and minimal maintenance.